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Mileta's Recipes for Extremely Happy Life

"Mileta's Recipes for Extremely Happy Life" is a series of drawings and textual instructions on how to make your life more joyful and meaningful. Both form and content are significant in this work. When one looks purely at the form, interesting and precise renderings of different scenes, mainly with people, is what first attracts the viewer's attention. Mileta loves drawing human faces, and the works demonstrate his mastery of facial expressions and his subtle feel for human psychology reflected in the eyes. The 120 pieces completed thus far are soon coming out in a a book form, but since the original idea was to have 300 recipes, it is still an ongoing process. The unique endeavour started with simple pencil drawings, but the artist recently introduced more colour, as well as different media, even animation, and a wider variety of art techniques.

The idea behind the series is multi-layered. First, it is a parody of the multitude of self-help guides, books and videos, in which a motley menagerie of dubious individuals feel competent to give spiritual advice. It is also a commentary on the over-saturation of imagery in the electronic media, and on the banalisation of content by an overwhelming amount of information dropped on us on a daily basis. Finally, it is a genuine counsel on simplifying one's life and finding pleasure in simple, everyday routines, as well as an escape from the glamour of our globalised frenzy and worldly ambitions to the refuge of childish pastimes.

From the miscellany of themes and approaches, it is obvious that Mileta relishes in the diversity of forms and shapes displayed in the heterogeneity of cultures and races of the world. His interest in metaphysics, pure aesthetics and people's mentality makes these works compelling for intellectuals and laypeople alike. And it is all done with a touch of hilarious irony understood by all.

Mileta Postic (b. 1970) is a visual artist from Novi Sad, Serbia. He earned a BA in Studio Art from the University of South Carolina, USA, in 1995, and MA in Art, Design and Media from the University of Portsmouth, UK, in 1999. He has been exhibiting since 1994 in USA, South Korea, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, UK, Switzerland and many other countries. Mileta has taught animation at universities in South Korea, South Africa, Thailand and Serbia, and conducted computer animation workshops and masterclasses in China, Germany, Slovenia and Armenia. Beside drawing, painting and animation, he has been active in illustration, conceptual art and art management. He is the co-founder of culture club and art association Izba in Novi Sad, and co-owner of a freelance animation studio Twice Eyes. He is also the director of the Gallery of Fine Arts - Gift Collection of Rajko Mamuzic in Novi Sad, Serbia.

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