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Red Star Over Russia

In the past ten months or so, I wrote and translated about two dozen articles dealing with the Russian Revolution. In need of illustrations, I turned, naturally, to the internet. There is not that many good photos of the event, though, and, as I found out soon, most other articles about the same topic on the internet were using the same few good photos and posters.

Last week, I came upon Red Star Over Russia: A Visual History of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the Death of Stalin (NY: Tate, 2016) by David KingI was amased at the multitude and the quality of the photos. From the familiar faces of the Politburo members, to the last Russian Emperor with his family in a rowing boat, this album is a stunning visual testament to the satanic coup that took place just over a 100 years ago.

How come at least a few of these pictures couldn't find their way to the internet is a mystery to me, but I was at least glad to be granted an opportunity to turn the pages of this rich and heavy volume. The text consists more or less only of captions, but they are also valuable, since they identify the date and the less familiar faces of the portrayed protagonists. 

The pictures truly bring the reader closer to "the biggest and most costly failed experiment of the 20th century."

Svetozar Postic

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