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A Short Rumination on the Perils of Russophobia

The rise of political tensions is becoming scary. Sadly, the new false flag in the form of the poisoning of the former British spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, and the subsequent media attack on Russia do not portend a bright future. Both Western and Russian analysts agree that a world conflict is imminent. The most alarming fact is that the psychos pulling the main geopolitical strings in the world have entirely lost any necessity for truthfulness or justice.

There have always been wars, there has always been propaganda. What is currently happening is just far more blatant, shameless, and it is administered on a wider population. Most of the Western World is exposed to flagrant, reckless Russophobia.

The first time I became aware of the brazen lies by the Western media was during the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. On the day of a missile attack on the passenger train on the second day of Orthodox Eastern in which at least a dozen civilians, including children, lost their lives, the first five minutes of BBC nightly radio news were dedicated to a report about a rape of an Albanian woman by Serbian soldiers. Most Albanian women in Kosovo could hardly say a few words in Serbian at the time. In a solemn, collected voice, this woman related to the reporter in perfect English how ten Serbian soldiers surrounded her and raped her. Considered by the NATO policy makers a potential Russian ally, the Serbs have to be vilified and smothered.

The sly pattern was later exposed in the case of "Syria Danny" and other staged performances on CNN, but the media moguls don't seem to care. They are just out to make the first impression on the gullible majority in order to justify the ensuing bloody deeds by their governments. On the morning following the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over Ukraine in 2014, all the headlines on the front pages of British newspapers read something like: "Putin's Killed My Son" or "Putin's Missile." It was later proven that the plane was downed by a Ukrainian jet, but these findings hardly received any coverage in the West, of course. It wouldn't have mattered anyway. The damage had been done.

Authorities in the West have always been apprehensive of the Russian Bear, but the more important target is all the Siberian petrol, gas and ore. Madeleine Albright, the former U.S. Secretary of State, famously said that it is not fair Russia possesses such vast natural resources. After advocating the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, she and Wesley Clark, the NATO commander during the attack, have made billions by exploiting the mines and telecommunication system in Kosovo.

The conspiracy is exposed. Most people who think with their own heads are aware of the lies and the foul intentions. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be a deterrent for the greedy elite. Worst of all, they don't intend to stop.

Svetozar Postic

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