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Strange Indeed

Trump's statements have been contradictory since the beginning of his presidency, to say the least. The consequences of his talk with Putin are not quite clear, but the liberal American press bashed him as expected. It sure seems like he is playing a double game.

For the world beyond the US borders, it appears obvious that the goal of Trump's strange behaviour is duplicitous misdirection. He is clearly not concerned about appearing inconsistent in the international context. His credibility in foreign eyes will depend mainly on the final outcomes of his "war by deceit" in the domestic domain and mostly focused on the effluvium better known as the US public media. Why should any non-participant observer take what he says in public any more seriously than a matador’s red cape waving in the media breeze? He appears to be selling rope and they appear unable not to buy it.

Trump is clearly sacrificing any formal claim to credibility for some type of super clown-strategy — something that does make some type of binary ‘Joker–Dark Knight’ sense if the underlying assumption applied to the US domestic political situation is a raging lunatic asylum undergoing “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” A recent outburst “Democrats Want Trump’s Helsinki Translator Hauled in front of Congress to Testify” on Zero Hedge demonstrates the mad hysteria of the swamp-at-large. It also indicates their levels of desperation. If Trump knows he is at the end of a descending US cycle, then he also probably realises that "farce" is the game show in town.

I don't think anyone can understand his modus operandi. He is wealthy enough, nevertheless, to commission the best strategic advice under the meme of “Chaos Theory.” Boy Bush (et al) pulled off a major coup in the 9/11 charade, which nearly 20 years ago proved that the modern American mind had become almost totally subservient to mass suggestion and manipulation. Why should we not assume a similar (but not identical) mass event is in progress?

The farcical act of both Trump and Trump-bashers betrays logic and entertains the crowd. Putin has been advised and will likely ignore accordingly. The Swamp have not; hence the heightened hysteria. The conclusions should be drawn only after the next US move. Anything is possible.

Pass the popcorn... and Svetozar Postic

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