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  • Proust in the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower

    One hundred years ago, the second volume of In Search of Lost Time, one of the greatest novels of all time, came out of print. It won Marcel Proust the Goncourt Prize the following year. For the next three years, until his untimely death at the age of 51, Proust feverishly worked on t...
  • A Testament to the Variety of Cultures and a Carnival of Playful, Clever Irony

    "At long last! I can't believe my eyes - and in more than one way! I've stopped hoping a long time ago that I would once hold in my hand an artistic artifact which works for me on all major fronts. One with a powerful structure and crazy content that is both art and pop without being either art or p...
  • Let the Children Play!

    Erika Christakis, The Importance of Being Little. New York: Viking, 2016. 400 pages.
  • The Fate of Russophobia

    The recent death of the famous Russian mathematician, writer and dissident, Igor Shafarevich, served as an occasion to remember his influential book, Russophobia (samizdat in 1982, officially published in 1989). In this essay, Russian poet and columnist, Igor Karaulov, uses the commemoration of Shafarevich to talk about contemporary russophobia.
  • The Ultimate Remedy

    Slobodan Despot. Le Miel. Paris: Gallimard, 2014. 128 pages.
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Invisible Wings (India, 2018)
Invisible Wings is a Malayalam short documentary film about a tea-selling globe trotter. Malayalam is one of the languages spoken at the southern tip of Indian peninsula. The documentary won the Best Short Film at Filmfare Awards this year. Deservedly. With little money but a heart full of d...
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