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  • Archimandrite Nicodemus (Bogosavljevic): About the End Times

    O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? (Mt 16:3). In the last hundred years or so, many articles, discussions and books on the topic of the last apocalyptic/eschatological events have been written in the Orthodox Church. Warnings about...
  • God Does Not Punish Anyone?

    In his latest Youtube address, Father George Maximov, a prominent missionary of the Russian Orthodox Church, gives an answer to those who argue that God never punishes sinners, and that no one should talk about it, because it is not true. Father George first cites the passages from the Holy...
  • My Conversations with Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica - a Personal Account

    For my brother and me, the autumn of 1990 was full of existential dilemmas and emotional turmoil. We abandoned our studies in the United States with the intention to find a secluded place and "dedicate ourselves to God," even though, without any spiritual experience, we didn't even know the exact me...
  • The Desert Fathers: An Unparalleled Experience in Self-Awareness

    An interview with Jean-Claude Larchet, Orthodox theologian, one of the most prominent Patristics scholars in the world, published in French newspaper La Croix in 2012
  • Elder Paisios's Manual Work and Charity

    St. Paisios of Mount Athos (1924-1994), who was canonised by the Greek Orthodox Church in 2015, spent two years as a hermit on Mount Sinai. Here is an excerpt from his hagiography about the manual work he occupied himself with while there, and about his charity. The elder's manual work was woodcu...
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Do We Live in a Dystopia?
The literary genre "utopia" acquired its name from the novel by the same title, published by Thomas Moore in 1516. Various authors have tried to imagine a perfect society and describe it in the form of a project, tale, or novel. Plato's Republic is probably the first known utopia, describing th...
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