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  • My Conversations with Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica - a Personal Account

    For my brother and me, the autumn of 1990 was full of existential dilemmas and emotional turmoil. We abandoned our studies in the United States with the intention to find a secluded place and "dedicate ourselves to God," even though, without any spiritual experience, we didn't even know the exact me...
  • The Gentle Whisper

    There was the holy prophet Elijah living in the Old Testament, a great devotee of God in the world. When he, pursued by King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, had to flee to the desert and hide in caves, he became despondent, however, and he asked God to take his soul. Then he was told that on Mount Horeb the...
  • Monk Hilarion and Theotokos

    On the eve of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God, we retell the story of three miracles that happened to a Romanian monk in a Carpathian Mountains monastery. Romania has been long known for the monasteries cut in the rocks of Buzau caves, great ascetics and piousness of its inhabitants....
  • The Desert Fathers: An Unparalleled Experience in Self-Awareness

    An interview with Jean-Claude Larchet, Orthodox theologian, one of the most prominent Patristics scholars in the world, published in French newspaper La Croix in 2012
  • The Life of St. Peter of Korisha

    Saint Peter's heroic struggles recall the spiritual labours of Saint Anthony the Great and the monks of the Egyptian desert. This unseen and inner warfare is not confined to monks alone. From the moment of our baptism, all Orthodox Christians are called to fight the varied lusts and passions of the...
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A Short Rumination on the Hypnotic Effect of Computer Screens and Social Networks
Have you ever had difficulties walking away from your shiny laptop or smart phone screen? Do you have a site, like Facebook or some other social network, which you have to keep checking every 15-20 minutes all day long? If the answer is yes, it is not surprising, since looking at your favourite webs...
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