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  • The Figure of Socrates

    The figure of Socrates had a decisive on the definition of the word "philosopher." In order to understand this concept, therefore, the mythical figure of Socrates presented by the first generation of his disciples has to be examined. Socrates has often been compared to Jesus Christ: 1. Both had i...
  • Pre-Socratic Philosophers

    What we now call Pre-Socratic Philosophers proposed a rational explanation of the world - and this was a milestone in the history of thought. There had been cosmogonies before them, but they were all mythical: they described the history of the world as a battle among personified entities. They...
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A Short Rumination on the Hypnotic Effect of Computer Screens and Social Networks
Have you ever had difficulties walking away from your shiny laptop or smart phone screen? Do you have a site, like Facebook or some other social network, which you have to keep checking every 15-20 minutes all day long? If the answer is yes, it is not surprising, since looking at your favourite webs...
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